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Axis Powers Hetalia Meme

Dec. 19th, 2010 | 04:53 pm
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R U L E S:

1 ) Answer all questions truthfully~! It's no fun if you don't.
2 ) Post the title of this blog as "Axis Powers Hetalia Meme!"
Or something of the sort.
3 ) Tag at least three Hetalia fans when you're done. Don't tag someone back!
4 ) Don't be shy - let your true Hetalian spirit shine! Go ahead, we're all dorks here anyways.

~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~

Ready? Let's begin!

S E C T I O N O N E:
Your Hetalia Life
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

1. If you were a country, which country would you be? Why? What kind of personality would you have?
Italy! Because I am Italian! Authenticity FTW! I would have my normal personality, sweet but sarcastic <3

2. Which country would you be married to? Or at least have a romantic relationship with?
South Italy~ ufufufufufu <3

3. And how would said country dump/divorce you?

4. You would...

a) Beat him/her to a pile of dog crap. [ ]
b) Cry. [ ]
c) Be completely indifferent. [ ]

5. Would you make up with said country? Or would you go find a better (and sexier) partner? If you're looking for another partner... Who?
We never broke up c:

6. You would be most afraid of...
Russia~ >O<

7. Why? (If you picked Russia, then you don't have to explain).

8. Who would be the most afraid of you?
Germany! Romano may have failed by himself, but together, we can beat him! xD

10. Pick a character you hate with a burning passion. What kind of strange and unheard of tortures would you put the poor soul in?
I don't hate anyone c:

11. You would have a secret unrequited crush on...
I will never ever betray my hubby, ya know? <3

12. And your love rival would be...
Spain... So much yaoi TTATT

13. What kinds of things would he/she do to get at you? (Flowerpots, hitmen, anything goes).

14. Your best friend?
North Italy, UK, America, and Vietnam (: 

15. What about your daily punching bag?
No one~ I am nice :D

16. And your drinking buddy would be...
UK!!! Best drunk ever!!! <3

17. What kind of strange things would you and your drinking buddy get into/talk about?
How I can clean my locker better than him xDD

18. And what kind of drunk would you be? (Sad drunk, angry drunk, sentimental drunk...)
I wouldn't drink c;

19. You start making out with ___ at/in _____.
Romano (*whistles innocently*)

20. And exactly how did this come about...?
We can't remember :D

21. You get caught by...

22. Everyone's reaction? (You, the person you were making out with, and the one who caught you).

23. Who would your mother be? Father?
Grandpa Rome! Annnnd... I don't know my mommy ; 3 ;

24. Siblings?
North Italy, and Spain

25. Soap Opera Time!

Here's the situation.

- Your best friend is in love with your drinking buddy.
- Except your secret crush loves him too.
- And that drinking buddy is madly in love with your love rival.
- That love rival likes your secret crush.
- And your punching bag loves you (even though you beat him/her up).
- And you love your secret crush (durr).

Vietnam is in love with UK (NO YAOI PLZ >:O)
Except Romano loves him too (LOLWUTNOOOOOOO)
And UK is madly in love with Spain (WUT)
Spain likes Romano (yaoi fans gtfo and no comments kthxbai >:O)

And -no punching bag- loves me. (no one loves me ; A ;)
And I love Romano (c;)

well too bad he's mine >:O

S E C T I O N T W O:
Hetalia Fan Grab Bag
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

1. Who is your favorite character? Why?
Romano because he's hilarious c:

2. Your least favorite character? Again, why?
Don't have a least favorite :)

3. Your favorite pairing?
America/Vietnam because I support my friend who is Vietnamese c:

4. Your rival ship?

/doesn't understand question D:

5. Did you learn about a country through Hetalia?
I learned about the UK. Apparently he is a hilarious drunk :D

6. And which country do YOU belong to? Do you like the corresponding character?
Italy! Of course I like the corresponding character! (/not biased at all >3>)

7. Why?
PASTAAAAAA~! (need I say more? <3)

8. Which party do you like better? The Axis Powers, or the Allied Forces?
/awkward question to answer O_O

9. Shinatty-chan. Respond with one word.

10. You will become one with mother Russia, yes?

S E C T I O N T H R E E:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I N S T R U C T I O N S:
Put an "x" in each bracket if the statement is true.

Add up your total of "x"s, and multiply that by four.
Rewrite the title of section three as "I am "Number"% Hetalia Fan."

1. You've read Hetalia. [x]

2. You've watched Hetalia. [x]

3. Ever drawn any fanart? [x]

4. Ever written any fanfiction? [x]

5. You've pulled an all-nighter doing any of the above. [x]

6. What about fantasized about a character? (Either with you or with another character) [x]

7. Do you ever find yourself sometimes looking over your back randomly to make sure Russia isn't following you in a Shinatty costume? [ ]

8. Any of your icons of a Hetalia character? (SodaHead, dA icon, MSN, AIM, Yahoo, etc.) [x]

9. You think a Hetalia character is cute. Or hot. Or sexy. Or all of the above. [x]

10. You've cos(cross)played as a Hetalia character. [x]
Romano! <3 Crossplay FTW!

11. You own merchandise with a Hetalia character on it. [ ]

12. You've quoted a Hetalia character before. [x]
"This weatherman is predicting a 99% chance of shitstorm and it's comin' right atcha!"
So the answer is yes. Yes I have :D

13. You end up using Hetalia strips as the "Economy/World Affairs" column of the newspaper. [ ]

14. You've said things like "England is so cute! He has tsundere eyebrows!" during a conversation and nobody understands what you're talking about. [x]
Not about England, but I said stuff like "Hey guys guess what! Fairies are real!"

15. You sometimes assume that a country/people from said country are like their Hetalia counterpart, only to remind yourself that Hetalia is a comic, not a true-to-life Bible. [x]
I act like a stereotypical Italian from Hetalia around my family and they think I'm crazy D: And I imagine Americans to eat lots of hamburgers!!!!

16. You've lost breath laughing from a Hetalia strip/episode before. [x]
dA yessshh

17. During school, you've absentmindedly doodled a Hetalia character on a paper. [x]

18. You know, more or less, the majority of the Hetalia cast's real name. [x]

19. You've taken up an uncanny interest with world history ever since you were introduced to Hetalia. [x]

20. You've attacked a Hetalia cosplayer before. [ ]
NOT a crazy fangirl!11one1!!!1 (IRL....kolkolkolkol >:D)

21. You hugged or was angry at said cosplayer (But not because they were THEM, because of the character the were cosplaying. E.G "France, I hate you!" "JAPAN I WANT A HUG!!!!" etc). [ ]
See above

22. Have you memorized any version of Maru Kaite Chikyuu? (If you don't know what that is, get out.) [ ]
Noes D:

23. Do you have any Hetalia fan friends? (Either met at a con, online, or RL) [x]
ALL of my friends :D (We have fun being our countries :D We have an Italian (me!), Vietnamese, Polish, and Americans <3

24. Ever had a dream about a Hetalia character? [x]
Kolkolkolkolkol C:

25. You're still perfectly fine and willing to answer even MORE Hetalia questions. [x]

18/25 ...not bad! C:

S E C T I O N F O U R:
Drink Beer From Our Boots!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Let's do a drunk round! Or rather, some completely random questions that

Do you still remember your character from section one?

Respond to the following random statements in their personality.
- - - - - - - - - -

1. Axis Powers.
My lil bro is in this party...WHAT DID YOU DO TO TWIST MY BROTHER'S HEAD AROUND SO BAD, HAH? /quoting Romano xD

2. Italy.
Little brother <3

3. Germany.
My hubby's enemy, but he is my friend because of Veneziano <3

4. Japan.
Hewwo Japan-kuuuun *hic* /drunk

5. China.

6. Hero.
America is the hero! xD

GO AWAY! Why, yes, I would love a cookie > 3 >

8. Yaoi.

9. Frying pan.
Don't let UK near one! He will cook a calamity! :D

10. Austria.
/waves Hello! :D

11. Pastaaaa~
I'm hungry now ; ^ ;

12. Magic!

13. Tell me a story.
I'm bad at story telling...

Donut ; A ;

15. France.

16. America.
The hero!

17. Sealand.
/waves until waving arm gets tired HI!!

18. Switzerland.
/uses non-waving arm to wave /that arm gets tired HI!

19. Belarus.

20. Russia.

21. Random Country.

22. Shinatty.
/checks behind self . 3 .

23. Allied Forces.

24. Matthew. (Who's that?)
Who are you?

("I'm Canada!")
...who? xDDD

25. Prussia.
Occupying regions xD 

S E C T I O N F I V E:

Anything you'd like to say, now that the meme is all done? Frustrating? Fun? Are you dying? Let it all out, sweetie.

My shift key was acting up so I was sad D: But overall, really fun XD


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